Funders & Partners

Circostrada is one of the 28 European cultural networks currently being funded by the European Commission through the Creative Europe programme, which is the European Union’s financial support programme for the creative, cultural and audiovisual sectors in Europe, with a view to fostering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, as well as fomenting European values.

ARTCENA coordinates and brings its co-funding to the network through the subsidy it receives from the French Ministry of Culture for its global activity program, which enables it to make available to the network its human resources, infrastructure and expertise.

The network would not be able to conduct its activities without the investment of its members and the partnerships created for each event. Members co-finance the activities that they host and may, depending on the size of the event, draw support from specific financial partners to ensure its success.

Here you will find the main organisations that have been partners of Circostrada activities since September 2014.

Circostrada, through ARTCENA, is also an active member of IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts, On the Move – Cultural mobility information network, and Culture Action Europe.

In the frame of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts, Circostrada works together with several European networks in urging policy makers to re-think the European approach and to include culture and the arts in the long-term strategic goals of the European projects.