Being a member

Circostrada has gradually grown over the past 15 years to become a strong and open community with stakeholders from various regions facing diverse local situations with regard to circus and street arts. Its member organisations are recognized within their own country for their general contribution to the development of the fields of circus and/or street arts and demonstrate a long-term commitment to their strategic development.

Through their expertise, all members contribute to advancing the development and structuring of circus and street arts in their national territories and play a key role in building a sustainable future for both sectors at a European scale.

By engaging with other cultural players, organisations and networks, launching innovative projects, pulling together resources, skills and tools, Circostrada members play a critical role in designing the overall agenda of the network and in shaping its most impactful actions.

Participate in Work Groups

  • A key aspect of the governance of the network is the possibility to join one of the five Work Groups that focus on strategic projects: FRESH CIRCUS, FRESH STREET, CS Data, CS Lab and CS Advocacy.
  • These groups meet for dedicated sessions at the General Meetings and communicate throughout the year using online tools

Attend the network’s General Meetings

  • Join 50 to 70 international colleagues in different European cities and festivals for 3 days.
  • Become more knowledgeable of the artistic and cultural context in the host country, attend local and international productions, meet key stakeholders in the region: artists, professionals, policy-makers, et al.
  • Discuss the network’s strategies and future orientations.
  • Develop opportunities for collaboration and promote the latest news from your organisation and region
  • Take part in expert-led workshops on key topics related to the development of our sectors


Willi Dorner, Bodies in Urban Spaces, Valladolid (ES), 2010 © Luis Antonio Barajas

Attend the network’s open meetings

  • Explore themes related to circus and street arts development with experts from various sectors, countries, and disciplines.
  • Meet international players
  • Create opportunities for discussion and collaboration

Resources and communication

  • Share news and key resources across Europe via the network’s communication tools, notably its collaborative website and newsletters
  • Gain access to the network's internal resources: internal reports, workshops, strategic documents
  • Gain privileged access to resources produced by the network

International cooperation

  • Participate in research trips abroad created specifically for members.
  • Gain new contacts and discover new artistic projects.
  • Participate in discussions on local challenges and opportunities for cooperation.

Host the network’s actions

  • Host and co-organise a General Meeting, a FRESH event, or a CS LAB, in partnership with Circostrada.