More about the General Meetings of the network

Who? Members of the network

When? Two meetings per year, in different regions of Europe, in the frame of a festival or a cultural event organised by a member.


  • Unique opportunities to dialogue and network with international professionals to discuss ideas and new projects.
  • Group sessions, workshops, presentations of projects and new research on key issues that shape the network and our sectors: growing audiences, innovation, etc.
  • One-of-a-kind opportunities to discover the cultural and artistic context in the host country and meet local cultural and institutional operators
  • A chance for members to promote their organisations on a European and international level and explore new collaborations
  • Special working sessions for internal Work Groups created by the network. These regular sessions give members the opportunity to work together on various strategic projects, present works in progress and explore how they can be further developed
  • An invitation to discover artistic programming in order to constantly renew perspectives and experiment with new art forms and aesthetics from Europe and elsewhere


Who? Network members and cultural players

When? One FRESH event is organised each year in different regions across Europe, during a cultural event or festival organised by a member.

What? International seminars to improve the structure, development and recognition of circus and street arts in Europe and across the world.

  • 400 European and international players brought together for a 3-day seminar
  • Plenary sessions, round table discussions and thematic workshops run by experts in their field, recognised for their contribution to the development of circus and street arts
  • A exciting mix of artistic and networking activities proposed in partnership with the host member
  • An online publication with seminar proceedings and concrete recommendations for the development of these sectors in Europe and across the world