Stradda#5 Artists Speak Out

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We are very happy to present you with Stradda magazine’s fifth dossier, entitled “Paroles d’artistes.” There is a profile of Phillipe Ménard, a juggler who defies categorization, the itinerary of the Cardiff company, NoFit State Circus, thoughts on the street arts by a Spanish author and philosopher, and an opinion piece by Bernard Kudlack, the Artistic Director of Cirque Plume.

The European professionals of the circus and street arts have often expressed a wish to have access to publications and documentary resources that are easily accessible and translated into several languages. These resources are useful on many levels: beyond the necessary exposure given to artistic projects, they also serve to inform policymakers, institutions and sponsors on these innovative aesthetics.

Stradda, a quarterly magazine published in French by HorsLesMurs - the national resource centre for the street and circus arts - is the only magazine that is entirely dedicated to creation in the public space and the contemporary circus.

We hope that this new dossier will participate in creating an easier circulation of ideas and artistic projects. We also hope that it will add to the overall debate and bring to light the great vitality of the circus and street arts.

Jean Digne, Director of Publication

Stéphane Simonin, Chief Editor

Yohann Floch, Coordinator of Circostrada Network 


Table of contents

  • Opinion Re-performing the world’s childhood, by Bernard Kudlak [France]
  • Profile Philippe Ménard, Complete fusion [France]
  • Itinerary NOFIT STATE CIRCUS, popular UFO [Great Britain]
  • Point of view (Ad)mirar a Francia, by Pasqual Mas i Usó [Spain]