Stradda#7 New Magic, A Contemporary Art

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  • Circus & street arts


Over the past eight years, the field of magic has had enough of rabbits and virtuosic sleight-of-hand tricks. It has been affirming itself as an indepen- dent artistic movement aiming to get back in touch with the feeling of magic.

While we often may remember magic as mere en- tertainment, the discipline also contains several other elements. It is often used in ritual, traditional, religious and medical domains and it deals with the great human fantasies (flying, resurrections, mind- reading, etc.). It is essential to reinvest this creative potential with issues that, although they are con- temporary, have been neglected for many years.

Determining the grammatical structure of this language, studying the real in all of its forms in order to take hold of it, making use of old techniques along with new technologies: the idea is to always be giving new life to the creative act, using magic as means of endlessly transforming the world. Balls flying over the heads of the audience, shadows that take on a life of their own, a floating cloud beneath a glass bell...

Through its ability to divert the real within the real - by making the imaginary tangible, by giving life to the invisible, by playing with our perception - the language of magic is as diverse as the artists who put it to use.

Just as the initiators of this movement are com- piling the “For a new magic” manifesto, Stradda is transmitting the tools necessary to appreciate this artistic movement, which allows for all new fields of possibilities. 


Table of contents

  • Five thousand years of enchantment
  • An ability to infinitely transform the world
  • Training. The transmission of a language
  • All of our research can be helpful to art
  • The heralds of the magic revival
  • Thierry Collet. The primitive concern
  • Kurt Demey. The mentalist city
  • Cie 14:20. The spectacular at the service ofsensations
  • Olivier Poujol. Answering history with magic
  • The great illusion
  • An active principle
  • Distribution. From Rouen to Rome, enthusiasm is on the rise
  • Who’s who in new magic