Audience Finder: Outdoor Arts in UK • Year 2 Report

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The Audience Agency / ISAN
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This report provides an overview of the research undertaken into audiences for outdoor arts (OA) in UK as part of the Audience Finder initiative in 2014.

It was the second of a three year project which will draw to a conclusion in 2015/2016. Detailed results are contained in the appendix, with the main conclusions and implications outlined in the body of the report. The views are those of The Audience Agency and whilst they are based on the evidence and provided in a clear argued way, some elements may be open to different interpretations and perspectives.

Rather than being an academic exercise it is part of an initiative which aims to be useful and relevant to the sector. So where possible, we explore implications and make recommendations for stakeholders and those working in OA.

Thank to those who contributed data, especially the Independent Street Arts Network (ISAN)