Brussels, Belgium
March 13-15 2018



FRESH CIRCUS is coming to Brussels in March 2018 !

Flagship event of the Circostrada network, the International Seminar for the Development of Circus Arts has come back in 2018 for its fourth edition! Co-organised by Espace Catastrophe and Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse, the 2018’s edition took up residence from March 13 to 15 in Brussels, at Théâtre National.

Located at the very centre of the capital of Europe, FRESH CIRCUS#4 was a not-to-be-missed professional event and a key time for collective reflexion, exchange and celebration of circus values!

During three days, FRESH CIRCUS#4 had been the occasion to explore circus arts from every angle and create links with artists and professionals coming from all over Europe and beyond. Entitled "MORE THAN CIRCUS!", this edition was the opportunity to delve into the circus iconography and its stereotypes, to highlight innovative initiatives and to show circus arts in all their diversity.

FRESH CIRCUS#4 took place at the heart of FESTIVAL UP! – International Circus Biennale [15th edition], offering a wide artistic programme presented in different cultural venues of the Belgian capital! 

© Jérôme Vila / Boris Gibé, projet "work"

Seminar Programme

FRESH CIRCUS#4 "More Than Circus!" > DAY-BY-DAY programme

How to choose my programme?

FRESH CIRCUS#4 programme was designed based on 3 main themes: 3 threads which are broken down into a diverse set of activities throughout the seminar.

You can either choose to follow one of these three paths from end-to-end or browse through parts of one and explore another, depending on your wish and mood. These paths are built around the three following themes:

Innovation | Images & Audiences  | Artistic Paths & Creation Processes 


Each thematic path includes different meeting, exchange and reflective modules so as to explore a theme in depth and each of them is divided as such:

  • 1 introductory thematic plenary session, to get a sense of the stakes and draw inspiration | Tuesday 13 [16:00 > 17:30]  
  • 3 roundtables and 3 participative workshops that will enable you to further explore the selected theme from three different perspectives | Wednesday 14 [10:00 > 12:30[14:30 > 17:00]
  • 3 work groups to produce acts or practical instruments and to imagine what the future may look like | Thursday 15 [10:00 > 12:00

Each thematic path was designed in order to give the opportunity to participants, if they so wish, to explore different themes throughout the seminar. The different modules are punctuated by friendly moments to foster new encounters and discussions.


Monday 12th March | Opening Night

From 18:30

BOZAR, Rue Ravenstein 23 - 1000 Bruxelles

In 2018, special attention will be given to circus arts and to Brussels circus scene and as such, FESTIVAL UP! will be the first not to be missed meeting on the agenda! Celebrations will be launched on Monday 12th March with an artistic evening that promises to be both festive and friendly and which will be open to all!

Artistic Programme Free of charge, prior booking needed


DAY 1 | Tuesday 13th March @ Théâtre National

12:00 > 13:30 | Accreditations & Reception of Participants

Main Hall, Théâtre National  

Come and say hi to us at the FRESH CIRCUS welcome desk, you'll be provided with a welcome pack and all the necessary into to jump into the seminar! Visit the area dedicated to innovative projects, book your appointment slots, install your promotional material in the intended areas! At lunch time, you can choose among the dishes of the theatre restaurant or opt for specialties cooked on the go by a Food Trucks team settled in front of Théâtre National, on the boulevard Emile Jacqmain!


13:30 > 15:30 | Opening Plenary Session of FRESH CIRCUS#4

Grande salle // Translation EN-FR

Official welcome speeches of FRESH CIRCUS#4 institutional partners.

  • Rachid Madrane, Minister for the Promotion of Brussels at the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (Belgium)
  • Frédéric Delcor, General Secretary, Ministry of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (Belgium) 
  • Michel Magnier, Director for DG EAC.D - Culture and Creativity, European Commission
  • Fabrice Murgia, Executive and Artistic Director, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium)
  • Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar, Coordinator of Circostrada Network (France)
  • Séverine Latour, Project Manager at Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse
  • Catherine Magis & Benoît Litt, Co-Directors of L’Espace Catastrophe, Co-pilots of FRESH CIRCUS#4 (Belgium)

250 years after the invention of “Modern Circus” by Patty & Philip Astley in London in 1768, and 50 years after the social, political and cultural uprisings of May 1968 which resulted in a handful of pioneers inventing “Nouveau Cirque” in France, Europe and beyond, circus has never stopped questioning, seeking and reinventing itself. “Circus is now a plural medium”, explains Jérôme Thomas, researcher and master juggler. “It is no longer a donkey and cart, but an enormous bookcase with thousands of drawers.” That is what makes our practices so powerful. They are living and active forces, with innovative perspectives, progressive subject matter, in tune with society, genres and people. Between the two stereotypical extremes of the red noses of traditional circus and the sometimes abstract corporality of contemporary circus, what is the vision of circus today? This plenary session will take you on a unique journey of images, sound and words, navigating the clichés in order to better pinpoint the real, subtle and illusive nature of current circus scenes.

Keynote speaker: Ruth Mackenzie, Artistic Director, Théâtre du Châtelet / Holland Festival (UK)

Presenter: Thomas Prédour, Cultural Administrator (Belgium)

Artistic interventions : Denis Meyers, Artist specialized in typography (Belgium) & Théâtre d'Un Jour (Belgium)



16:00 > 17:30 | Introductory Thematic Plenary Sessions  

The programme starts off with three thematic plenary sessions, taking place simultaneously in three different areas of Théâtre National. 


 Grande salle // Simultaneous translation EN-FR

As observers of circus development across our respective territories and beneficiaries of its diversity, we are dreaming up a future of new projects, new developments and new practices. Circus never ceases to explore new territories, innovate and build different relationships with other art forms, institutions, public authorities and the territories where it develops. What are these relationships today? What sectors are opening up to our practices?

Keynote speakers: Patrick Bouchain, Architect (France) & Bernard Latarjet, President of ONDA (France)

Journalist: Lyn Gardner, Theatre Critic, The Guardian (UK) 

With the participation of:

  • Rachel Clare, Artistic Director, Crying Out Loud (UK)
  • Laura Olgiati, Production Manager, Festival Cirqu'Aarau (Switzerland)
  • Eleftérios Kechagioglou, Director, Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (France)
  • Thomas Renaud, Director, Maison des Jonglages (France)

 Cafeteria // Simultaneous translation EN-FR

What image has circus given itself? And what is its true image? Why does the general public perceive the effect of tradition despite the fact that the sector is highly creative and constantly changing? For almost forty years, circus has been moving at breakneck speed, breaking away from, but not rejecting, the traditions acquired over the previous centuries. An artistic, educational and social revolution is underway. How can we “convert the try”, pursue this metamorphosis, continue to imagine the circus of the future and retain audiences?

Keynote speaker: John-Paul Zaccarini, Associate Professor in Circus, DOCH - School of Dance and Circus

Journalist: Laurent Ancion, Chief Editor, C!RQ en CAPITALE/Espace Catastrophe (Belgium)

With the participation of:

  • Ophélie Mercier, Development Manager, Caravan International Youth and Social Circus Network (France) 
  • Mara Pavula, Director of the Circus School, Re Riga! (Latvia)
  • Adolfo Rossomando, Director, Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni/Juggling Magazine (Italy)

 Salle Jacques Huisman // Simultaneous translation EN-FR

Circus is an incredible crossroads of exchange, where ideas collide and come together. With its body language and universal codes, circus transcends all, including time, boundaries and inequalities. In a rapidly-changing Western society, the opportunities for circus are huge. Circus cannot reject its political dimension, whatever its practice or location. Let’s look for people who make circus a constant testing ground. Let’s try to map the future landscape together.

Keynote speaker: Ali Thabet, Artist (Belgium/Tunisia) 

Journalist: Filip Tielens, De Standaard (Belgium)

With the participation of:

  • Raffaella Benanti, Head of Circus Programmes La Villette (France) 
  • Fabrizio Gavosto, Artistic Director, Mirabilia (Italy)
  • Cláudia Berkeley, Director/Programmer, Teatro da Didascália (Portugal)



17:30 > 18:30 | Chill Out, Drinks & Welcome Reception

FRESH CIRCUS#4 opening cocktail and artistic interventions.


18:30 | Shuttle Departure from Théâtre National to the different show venues of Festival UP! (See the « Artistic Programme » tab) 

DAY 2 | Wednesday 14th March @ Théâtre National 

09:00 > 10:00 | Reception of Participants


Day 2 includes 2 work sessions: one in the morning [10:00 > 12:30] and one in the afternoon [14:30 > 17:00].

The three paths introduced on Day 1 are divided into roundtables in the morning and participative workshops in the afternoon in order to explore in depth the three crosscutting themes of FRESH CIRCUS#4.

In total, 9 roundtables entitled "Stories Rooms" will take place simultaneously in the morning in order to cross circus professionals’ viewpoints and to listen to testimonies of people coming from different parts of the world.

Following the testimonies shared in the morning, 9 participative workshops entitled “Ideas Rooms” will take place simultaneously in the afternoon so as to reflect on, exchange and discuss our practices.

English is the working language.


Images & Audiences

Artistic Paths & Creation Processes 


10:00 > 12:30 | Roundtables "Stories Rooms"

12:30 > 14:30 Lunch Break. A selection of the best Food Trucks of the capital will be waiting for you in front of the Théâtre National... 

14:30 > 17:00 | Participative workshops "Ideas Rooms"

#1 “Public-private partnerships: funding options for circus arts ?”

 Salle Huisman // English 

Curator: Eleftérios Kechagioglou, Director, Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (France)

Moderator: Marc Eysink Smeets, Director, Festival Circolo (The Netherlands) 

With the participation of: 

  • Ouafa Belgacem, CEO, Culture Funding Watch (Tunisia)
  • Marjorie Bonnaire, Project Officer for the development of Pépinière Premier Pas, Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (France) 
  • Benoît Roland, Administrator, La Coop ASBL (Belgium)


10:00 > 12:30 | "Stories Room#1": Roundtable

For a long time, contributions from private sectors to culture were seen in a negative light. Recently, innovative links with private sectors have demonstrated that these partnerships not only provide an additional source of funding, but also consolidate and ensure the long-term future of organizations and projects, boost audience numbers and create new forms of cooperation. Let’s explore some of the opportunities together.

14:30 > 17:00 | "Ideas Room#1": Participative workshop

Let's seek innovative solutions, explore the best existing practices and look for new ideas that may bring additional funding, new partnerships and new ways of cooperating with other sectors.

#2  "Transdisciplinary projects & cross-cutting practices"

 Grande salle // English 

Curator: Rachel Clare, Artistic Director, Crying Out Loud (UK) & Laura Olgiati, Production Manager, Festival Cirqu'Aarau (Switzerland)

Moderator: Kath Gorman, Head of Participation and Engagement, Cork Midsummer Festival (Ireland) 

With the participation of: 

  • Victoria Amedume, Artistic Director, Aerial Upswing (UK)
  • Chloé Béron, Co-Founder/Artistic Director, CIAM - Centre International des Arts en Mouvement (France)
  • Sean Gandini, Juggler Director, Gandini Juggling (UK)
  • Marisa König-Beatty, Cultural Entrepreneur/Producer, BEAM (Switzerland) 


10:00 > 12:30 | "Stories Room#2": Roundtable

Contemporary forms of circus have been evolving incorporating many forms, like a laboratory it tests where art forms blur and creativity sparkles. In recent times, artists even escape from the standardized artistic boundaries to find inspiration within other industries (technology, science, business). This transdisciplinarity questions traditional categories of thinking in ‘the arts’ and provide the industry with extremely diverse and innovative approaches to creation, production and touring. What artistic and social potential lies within these trans-disciplinary collaborations? What is the impact of transdisciplinarity on creative processes?

14:30 > 17:00 | "Ideas Room#2" : Participative workshop

Are artistic categories useful or do they hinder the creative process? What new creative methodologies arise when working above or in-between categories? What role do arts institutions play within a innovative trans-disciplinary process? Relevant examples of trans-disciplinary projects serve as a discussion ground to rethink circus as a category and to enlighten the practical opportunities arising from a trans-disciplinary approach to creation.

#3 Building Cities, Building Circus”

 Foyer 2è // English 

Curator: Thomas Renaud, Director, Maison des Jonglages (France) 

Moderator: Maaike van Langen, Artistic Director, Rotterdam Circusstad Festival (The Netherlands) 

With the participation of: ​

  • Jérôme Page, Urban Planner, Plaine Commune (France) 
  • Lauréline Saintemarie, Developement Manager, FAI-AR (France)
  • Felicity Simpson, Director/Creative Producer, Circolombia (UK/Colombia)
  • Johan Swartvagher, Collectif Protocol (France)


10:00 > 12:30 | "Stories Room#3": Roundtable

Circus and cities are constantly changing. How can circus support urban change? What is the role of circus in cities and public space? Is there a specific aesthetic for circus in public space? How does urban change impact circus and vice versa? How could current dynamics become a source of opportunities and innovations?

14:30 > 17:00 | "Ideas Room#3" : Participative workshop

How does circus contribute to the city and vice versa? We will look for opportunities and the latest innovations, questioning [best] practices for public policy and methods for organising work between local authorities, developers, cultural organizations and artists.

#4 “What image(s) for circus today?”

 Salle brazza, at KVS // English 

Curators / Moderators : Adolfo Rossomando, Director Ass. Giocolieri e Dintorni/Juggling Magazine (Italy) & Marteen Verhelst, Chief Editor of CircusMagazine, Communication Manager, Circuscentrum (Belgium)

With the participation of:

  • Annie Leclerc-Casavant, Communications and Marketing Manager, La Tohu (Canada) 
  • Raffaele Fabrizio de Ritis, Historian/Author (Italy) 
  • Maroussia Diaz Verbèke, Artistic Director, Le Troisième Cirque (France)
  • Corine Pencenat, Art Critic/Lecturer, University of Strasbourg (France)
  • Members of the INCAM Network - International network of Circus Arts Magazines


10:00 > 12:30 | "Stories Room#4": Roundtable

Circus iconography has always been shared through a variety of means, including pictures, photos, texts, performances and venues. Each of these aspects addresses different audiences, such as the general public, artists, programmers, institutions or the press. Through reflective and participatory workshops to compare the opinions of recognized experts in these different sectors, we hope to kick-start discussion around this topic.

14:30 > 17:00 | "Ideas Room#4": Participative workshop

Following up the points of view sprung from the morning session, and making room for more cases introduced by the workshop participants themselves, through reflective and participative workshop we will facilitate and kick-start discussion around this controversial, yet crucial, our topic.

#5 “Where to find new circus audiences today?”

 Salle de réunion 3è // English 

Curator: Mara Pavula, Director of the Circus School, Re Riga! (Latvia)

Moderator: Linda Beijer, Chair/President, Manegen (Sweden) 

With the participation of:

  • Patrick De Groote, Artistic Director,  Zomer van Antwerpen (Belgium)
  • Jacqueline Friend, Marketing and Audience Developement Manager, Crying Out Loud (UK)
  • Alexandra Henn, Project Manager/Assistant to the Managing Director, Chamäleon Productions (Germany) 
  • Duncan Wall,  Author, The Ordinary Acrobat, Co-founder, Circus Now (USA) 


10:00 > 12:30 | "Stories Room#5": Roundtable

Reaching new audiences is one of the biggest challenges in the circus sector today. Where should we look for them? Should we actually focus on seeking new audiences or should we engage more deeply with the existing ones? What is the role of local communities and in which ways techniques used in community building in other sectors could contribute to our work with audience development?

This workshop is built around sharing the experience (both successes and failures) of very different institutions and individuals around the world and searching to understand what could and could not work in diverse circumstances. During the session participants will be invited to participate in several simultaneous roundtables in small groups exploring different viewpoints and strategies presented by speakers.

14:30 > 17:00 | "Ideas Room#5": Participative workshop

There is not one way to look for new audiences, but techniques and strategies used in different countries and even different sectors can bring valuable additions to existing working models. Participants will be invited to work in groups on different scenarios proposed by moderator to use their common knowledge and create new working models. The content will be led by pool of knowledge owned by participants, their experience of successes and failures. Invited speakers will work as guides and advisors and helping participants to challenge themselves to seek for new methods.

#6 “The influence of socio-political contexts on creation/distribution processes”

 Foyer des comédiens // English 

Curator / Moderator: Ophélie Mercier, Developement Manager, Caravan International Youth and Social Circus Network (France) 

With the participation of: 

  • Jessika Devlieghere, Co-founder/Head Palestinian Circus School (Belgium/Palestine) 
  • Xavier Gobin, Producer, Phare (France/Cambodia) 
  • Noha Khattab, Artist, Outa Hamra Street Clown Collective (Egypt) 
  • Clara Norman, Deputy Manager Pedagogy and Training, Cirkus Cirkör (Sweden) 
  • Jose do Rego, Advisor/Zip Zap Ambassador, Zip Zap Circus (South Africa) 


10:00 > 12:30 | "Stories Room#6": Roundtable

And if we take a moment to pay attention to the reality of "different" projects in Egypt, Palestine, South Africa or in Sweden: projects that have developed innovative economic models, built on the basis of relations specific to their environment, listening to the social, economic and political challenges that surround them ... Three guests from Palestine, Sweden and South Africa will present the history and development of their organization, highlighting the role and importance their production model in the light of the contexts in which they work.

14:30 > 17:00 | "Ideas Room#6": Participative workshop

Inspired by the morning's testimonials, participants will discuss different aspects of circus production outside Europe, by examining socio-political issues in artistic productions and exploring innovative and sustainable economic models that take into account these realities.

#7 “New supports for creative processes”

 Cafetaria // English 

Curator: Fabrizio Gavosto, Artistic Director, Mirabilia (Italy)

Moderator: Jean-Michel Guy, Author-Stage Director/Research Engineer, Ministry of culture (France)

With the participation of: 

  • Marco Chevenier, Director and Choreographer, Cie TIDA Théatre Danse (Italie) 
  • Jérôme Planche, Production Manager, ASIN (France) 
  • Stefan Sing, Artist (Germany) 
  • Michiko Tanaka, Director, Setouchi Circus Factory (Japan) 
  • Alexander Vantournhout, Artist (Belgium) 


10:00 > 12:30 | "Stories Room#7": Roundtable

Two artists renowned for their innovative practices will explore modern-day experiments in creation and will seek to identify the most innovative mechanisms for supporting risk-taking and artistic excellence. How can we promote and support these objectives and mechanisms in countries where circus is only just emerging?

14:30 > 17:00 | "Ideas Room#7": Participative workshop

A leap into the unknown. Using the conclusions of this morning's workshop, participants will consider how to implement mechanisms for risk-taking and artistic excellence in their territory.

#8 “Artists’ trajectories: How does one become a circus artist?”

 Salle de réunion 6è // English 

Curators: Cláudia Berkeley, Director Programmer, Teatro da Didascália (Portugal) & Raffaella Benanti, Head of Circus Programmes, La Villette (France) 

Moderator: Marik Wagner, Project Manager, Atelier Lefeuvre & Andre/Clowns Sans frontières France - Clowns Without Borders International (France) 

Across the world, artists pave their own career paths. These are original, but also representative of the different geographical, cultural and social contexts in which they developed. Circus artists from a variety of backgrounds and all four corners of the globe will tell their story, explaining which paths they took to become circus artists.


10:00 > 12:30 | "Stories Room#8" : testimonies [Part 1]

With the participation of: 

  • Claire Aldaya, Artist, Akoreacro (France) 
  • Giorgia Giunta, Co-founder, FEKAT Circus (Ethiopia)
  • Danny Ronaldo, Artist, Circus Ronaldo (Belgium)
  • Alexandra Royer, Artist, Barcode Circus Company (Quebec)
  • Hisashi Watanabe, Artist/Performer, Atama to Kuchi Company (Japan) 


14:30 > 17:00 | "Stories Room#8": testimonies [Part 2]​

With the participation of: 

  • Aurélien Bory, Author-Stage Director/Artistic Director of Compagnie 111 (France) 
  • David Dimitri, Artist (Switzerland/USA) 
  • Sade Kamppila, Artist, Metsä : The Forest Project (Finland) 
  • Claudio Stellato, Artist (Belgium/Italy) 
Stories Room#9 "Circus Spaces"

 Studio // English 

Curator: Raffaella Benanti, Head of Circus Programmes, La Villette (France) 

Moderator: Koen Allary, Director, Circuscentruum (Belgium) 

With the participation of: 

  • Aurélien Bory, Author-Stage Director/Artistic Director of Compagnie 111 (France)
  • David Dimitri, Artist (Switzerland/USA)
  • Elodie Donaque, Artist (Belgium) 
  • Sade Kamppila, Artist, Metsä : The Forest Project (Finland) 
  • Danny Ronaldo, Artist, Circus Ronaldo (Belgium)
  • Claudio Stellato, Artist (Italy/Belgium) 


10:00 > 12:30 | "Stories Room#9": Roundtable "Artists’ viewpoints"

A number of venues inspire and are home to circus creation, including big tops, performance halls, the street and many other unusual venues. What makes circus artists choose between a big top or performance hall? What does it mean to create a street circus performance? What about a performance in an industrial wasteland? Or in a forest? Why choose circular or front-facing configurations? Circus artists with unique backgrounds will discuss the role of space in circus creation.

14:30 > 17:00 | "Ideas Room#9": Participative workshop "Production and distribution issues"

The diversity of venues for circus creation is reflected in the great variety of production and distribution models. The constraints, possibilities and challenges are very different when creating or hosting circus performances in big tops, performance halls, the street or in situ. Join us for an afternoon of work to consider, debate and discuss issues associated with the production and distribution of circus performances in relation to different venues and contexts.



17:00 > 18:30 collective relaxing time (surprise!)


18:30 | Shuttle Departure from Théâtre National to the different show venues of Festival UP! (See the "Artistic Programme" tab) 


Day 3 | Thursday 15th March @ Théâtre National

09:00 > 10:00 Reception of Participants


10:00 > 12:00 | Work groups: "More than Circus: Time to act!"

​This is the third stage of these thematic paths: nine work groups get together in order to think, create and produce real instruments to be one step ahead and imagine how the future may look like!

What’s next? Together with a facilitator, discussions will move forward in order to work, produce and leave a lasting mark to design the future of circus arts.

Exploratory labs, future projects… The circus of tomorrow is being designed now and we shape it together!

Coordination : Isabelle Jans, Aires Libres, Concertation des Arts forains, des Arts du cirque et des Arts de la Rue, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium)

English is the working language.


#1 “Public-private partnerships: funding options for circus arts ?”

Salle Huisman // English

Animation : Lina B. Franck, Coordinator, Baltic Nordic Circus Network (Sweden)

#2 Transdisciplinary projects & cross-cutting practices

Grande salle // English

Animation : Gaël Santisteva, Artist/Stage Director (Belgium / France)

#3 Building cities, building circus 

Foyer 2è // English

Animation : Veera Kaukoranta, Founder, Ab Joy Diffusion (Belgium)

#4 What image(s) for circus today ?

Salle brazza, au KVS // English

Animation : Kevin Brooking, Clown Artist, Zirk Théâtre (Belgium / US) ; Natacha Guilitte, Project Manager, Aires Libres (Belgium)

#5 Where to find new circus audiences today ?

Salle de réunion 3è // English

Animation : Philippe Grombeer, Former Director, Théâtre des Doms and Halles de Schaerbeek (Belgium)

#6 The influence of socio-political contexts on creation/distribution processes 

Foyer des comédiens // English

Animation : Cécile Imbernon, Co-director, La Chouette Diffusion (Belgium)

#7 New supports for creative processes

Cafétaria // English

Animation : Valentine Remels, Artist/Researcher (Belgium)

#8 Artist' trajectories: How does one become a circus artist ? 

Salle de réunion 6è // English

Animation : Isabel Joly, Coordinator, FEDEC – Fédération Européenne des Ecoles de Cirque Professionnelles (Belgium) ; Anna Nilsson, Co-Manager, Petri Dish (Belgium / Sweden)

#9 Circus spaces

Studio // English

Animation : Elena Kreusch, Researcher/Director, KreativKultur (Autria) ; Cécile Provôt, Director, Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe (France)

12:00 > 13:00 Closing Plenary Session of FRESH CIRCUS#4

Main Room // Simultaneous translation EN-FR

Synthesis of the three thematic workshops: What has been said? Discussed? Questioned? And above all… What’s left?

  • Laurent Ancion, chief editor, C!IRQ en CAPITALE (Belgium) 
  • Lyn Gardner, Theatre Critic, The Guardian (UK)
  • Filip Tielens, Journalist, De Standaard (Belgium) 


Final words!

  • Co-pilots FRESH CIRCUS#4: Séverine Latour, Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse, Catherine Magis & Benoît Litt, Espace Catastrophe, Co-pilots FRESH CIRCUS#4
  • Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar, Circostrada​ coordinator



13:00 > 13:30 | Farewell drink 

Lunch Break.  A selection of the best Food Trucks of the capital will still be waiting for you in front of the Théâtre National...  



And it goes on !

Two proposals for those who wish stay onboard on Thursday afternoon and to explore further the local circus taste!


15:00 > 18:00 | Optional Activities

Track# 1 | WARM KISSES

A presentation of ongoing Belgium circus creation projects, organised by Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/Danse, in partnership with Espace Catastrophe & Circuscentrum.

Théâtre Marni (shuttle departure point: in front of Théâtre National)

Track# 2 | Building Brussels: Visit of circus spaces in the Belgian capital

Brussels is changing and new infrastructures dedicated to circus are emerging. Visit of ESAC - the Superior School of Circus Arts of Brussels + the construction site of CIRK - the new circus space for Espace Catastrophe at Koekelberg (Brussels). 

Shuttle departure point: in front of Théâtre National



Festival UP! continues! 

18:30 | Shuttle Departure to the different show venues of Festival UP! (See the Artistic Programme" tab" to discover the selection

Download the programme!

Co-organisers & Partners


Find below the updated list of participants to FRESH CIRCUS#4... Let's meet!

Name First Name Organisation Position Email


GropperChristineWinterfest Production Manager[javascript protected email address]
KreisFranziFranzi Kreis PhotographyTraveling photographer; exhibition and book-project 'Limelight'[javascript protected email address]
KreuschElena Lydia KreativKultur (AT) / Squarehead Productions (IE)Director[javascript protected email address]
MannottArneKreativKulturDirector[javascript protected email address]
StolpeCarolineWinterfest festival Artistic Director[javascript protected email address]
StolpeCarolineWinterfest SalzburgArtistic Director[javascript protected email address]
ZizalaKarinFederal Chancellery of Austria Head of the department : cultural initiatives, folks culture[javascript protected email address]


AbrassartJulieFédération Wallonie-BruxellesAssistant for Circus and Street Arts Department[javascript protected email address]
AlbaretNadègeMinistère de la Cultureinspectrice FWB[javascript protected email address]
AllaryKoenCircuscentrumdirector[javascript protected email address]
AmoussouGinoUniersité Libre de BruxellesStudent[javascript protected email address]
AncionLaurentMagazine "C!RQ en Capitale"Journaliste et participant[javascript protected email address]
AngelilloUgoNEARassistant[javascript protected email address]
AudureauFabienneLe Pont des ArtsCoordinator[javascript protected email address]
BartakKarelEuropean Commission Head of Unit [javascript protected email address]
BecquartHughesEuropean Commission (DG EAC)Culture Policy Officer[javascript protected email address]
Bittencourt HersanFernandoIETMCommunication Officer[javascript protected email address]
BrookingKevinZirk TheatreArtiste[javascript protected email address]
Bros PerezGerardSpanish Embassy, Culture OfficeCultural manager[javascript protected email address]
BrouhonSophieSophie BrouhonRC[javascript protected email address]
BultaNuriaCatalan Arts / Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies / Catalan GovernmentDirector Delegation ICEC Brussels[javascript protected email address]
CarpentierChristopheJette and Circle Art Programmor Voenk[javascript protected email address]
CarynVincentEcole de cirque de BruxellesResponsable Gestion[javascript protected email address]
CattiauxMaudEACEAProject officer[javascript protected email address]
CavenaileSarahSarahcademy asblPole/Dance/Theater Performer and Show director[javascript protected email address]
CelisJalinaJ BUROAgency[javascript protected email address]
CharneuxOliviaThe International School of Brusselsstudent[javascript protected email address]
ChekhemaniMyriamLa chouette DiffusionChargée d'administration et de production[javascript protected email address]
CottetAnne-LouiseLOD MuziektheaterArtistic & international coordination [javascript protected email address]
DautremontMaximeCie Duo GamaCo-author, Actor, stage director[javascript protected email address]
De BackerNathalieLe BampChargée de projets[javascript protected email address]
De BellefroidGuyVisit.brusselsDeputy Director Agenda, Arts & Creativity [javascript protected email address]
De BlockSerainaSeraina De Blockartist, tour manager[javascript protected email address]
de GrootePatrickzomer van antwerpenartistic director[javascript protected email address]
De JongeStevenMiramiroprogrammation - production[javascript protected email address]
De SmedtBavoTeaTime CompanyCircus Artist[javascript protected email address]
De SmedtMachteld Department of Culture, Youth, Media and Sociocultural AffairsCircus Policy [javascript protected email address]
DelaereNaimaEuropean Festivals AssociationCommunication and Network Manager[javascript protected email address]
DelwartVéroniquecompagnie carré curieuxchargée de diffusion[javascript protected email address]
DelwartVéroniqueCie Carré CurieuxChargée de Diffusion[javascript protected email address]
DemetDre Antwerpen Kunstenstad & Wintervuur festivalartistic coördinator[javascript protected email address]
DemeySvenESACBrussels[javascript protected email address]
Den BlauwenVirginieIknotoChargée de production et de diffusion[javascript protected email address]
DervilleBéréniceBRUSSELS MAJOR EVENTSProgrammatrice[javascript protected email address]
Descamps JulieCircuscentrum Programmer[javascript protected email address]
DescendreSofieMiramirOIntern[javascript protected email address]
DirisSandraCirque Pardi!diffusion et production Cirque Pardi![javascript protected email address]
DominéMurielLatitude 50Développement territorial [javascript protected email address]
DoñaqueElodieElodie DoñaqueArtist[javascript protected email address]
du BoisIsabelleLa Bête à PlumesArtiste[javascript protected email address]
EctorsJonathanBrussels Major Events asblCurator[javascript protected email address]
EspunyFrancinaCultural Service - Spanish EmbassyCultural Coordinator[javascript protected email address]
Fandino GurruchagaVaninaVanina Fandino Gurruchagaartiste[javascript protected email address]
FidelioAndreaAndrea FidelioArtist[javascript protected email address]
FlabatFrançoiseCentre de la Marionnette de la Fédération Wallonie-BruxellesDirectrice[javascript protected email address]
FocquetVincentThe Circus Dialogues Trainee[javascript protected email address]
FouréLéonoreAsbl TrapezeChargée de projets[javascript protected email address]
FransMarkDiamond IllusionsPerformer[javascript protected email address]
GesslerBarbaraEuropean CommissionHead of Unit Culture at the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)[javascript protected email address]
GielisBrechtC-mine cultuurcentrumProgrammeur[javascript protected email address]
GioloAnnaAd lib diffusionProducer[javascript protected email address]
GlineurAdrienAdrien GlineurStudent[javascript protected email address]
GodartFlorenceLatitude 50Chargée de résidences artistiques et administratives[javascript protected email address]
GrombeerPhilippeAires LibresCultural consultant[javascript protected email address]
GrosclaudeMathildeEspace CatastropheStagiaire[javascript protected email address]
GuilitteNatachaAires LibresCultural worker[javascript protected email address]
HautemAnneMademoiselle JeanneMme[javascript protected email address]
HeckChantalChudoscnik Sunergia asbl (Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof)festival coordination + program theatre, dance, circus[javascript protected email address]
HeymansChristine Commission communautaire françaiseConseillère -secteur Arts du Cirque [javascript protected email address]
HofmanMaciejEuropean CommissionPolicy Officer[javascript protected email address]
HuyghJesseCollectif Sous Le Manteau et Ell Circo D'ell Fuegocircus artist, prof de cirque[javascript protected email address]
ImbernonCécileLa chouette diffusionCoordinator / Tour manager[javascript protected email address]
JansIsabelle Aires LibresCoordinatrice[javascript protected email address]
JeandrainBernardn/aProject Officer[javascript protected email address]
JolyIsabelFEDECGeneral coordinator[javascript protected email address]
JortayVirginieEcole Superieure des arts du cirque-BruxellesDirection Esac[javascript protected email address]
JouinPatriciaEuropean Commission - EACEA B1 Culture unitProject officer[javascript protected email address]
JovicDanijelaEACEA -Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive AgencyProject officer at the EACEA[javascript protected email address]
KannSebastianManor House / Utrecht UniversityArtist / Dramaturg / Researcher[javascript protected email address]
KaukorantaVeeraAb Joy DiffusionProducer; bookings and tour manager[javascript protected email address]
KetelsEmmaJEburofounder[javascript protected email address]
KeymeulenKathleenKathleen Keymeulenprogrammer[javascript protected email address]
KumpsAnneLes Halles de SchaerbeekProgrammateur[javascript protected email address]
LaheyneVéroniqueWallonie Bruxelles Théâtre DanseChargée de projets[javascript protected email address]
LandaetaCarlosCarlos LandaetaArtiste[javascript protected email address]
LatourSéverineWBTDProject Manager[javascript protected email address]
LauvauxChristellleMaison des culturesprogrammatrice[javascript protected email address]
LavryAude Office of the Minister of Youth Aid, Houses of Justice, Sport and Promotion of BrusselsCommunication Advisor - Spokesperson of the minister Rachid Madrane[javascript protected email address]
LesortMarion La chouette diffusionCoordinator / Tour manager[javascript protected email address]
LievensBaukeKask school of ArtsTeacher/ artist/ researcher[javascript protected email address]
Linaer-GijsenMartineTheater op de Markt - DommelhofProgrammer[javascript protected email address]
LittBenoîtEspace CatastropheDirecteur administratif[javascript protected email address]
Lopes DiasRosaLa Chouette DiffusionProduction/Administration[javascript protected email address]
MadraneRachidFédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Minister of the Youth Aid, Houses of Justice, Sport and Promotion of Brussels[javascript protected email address]
MagisCatherineEspace CatastropheDirectrice[javascript protected email address]
Masset Berenice Théâtre d'un Jour Bruxelles [javascript protected email address]
Meyer CharneuxErinThe School of Intuitionauthor/speaker/visual artist[javascript protected email address]
MichauxGaëlCie Duo GamaCo-Author, Actor, stage director[javascript protected email address]
MinetOlivierLatitude 50 - Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rueDirecteur[javascript protected email address]
MoyaRicardEuropean Commission - EACEA Project officer[javascript protected email address]
NäykkiLiisaHands some Feet, Duo WireUp, Sirkum Polarisartist[javascript protected email address]
NolensChristianOn Stage Events - The PerformersManaging Director[javascript protected email address]
NulensGertTheater op de Markt / DommelhofDirector[javascript protected email address]
OttJulianeEACEA - Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive AgencyIntern[javascript protected email address]
ParisConstanceMaison de la culture de TournaiProgrammation[javascript protected email address]
ParsonJonasEspace CatastropheEtudiant[javascript protected email address]
PierretPriamHsitrion CircusCircus School Manager[javascript protected email address]
PrédourThomas/Acteur culturel[javascript protected email address]
RemelsValentineAires LibresChercheuse-Stagiaire[javascript protected email address]
ReynoldsSimon JamesOn Stage Events and The Performers by On Stage EventsArtistic Director and Performer[javascript protected email address]
RichardEdgarEcbruschaerbeek[javascript protected email address]
RolandBenoîtLa Coop AsblDIRECTOR[javascript protected email address]
RolinChristopheCentre culturel du Brabant wallonCoordinateur artistique - festival EN L'AIR[javascript protected email address]
Ronaldo Danny Circus RonaldoArtiste[javascript protected email address]
RoseThomasThomas RoseArtist[javascript protected email address]
SalgueiroFranciscaIETMProduction Officer[javascript protected email address]
salommarinaecole de cirque du bruxellesbruxelles[javascript protected email address]
SantistevaGaëlasbl Gilbert & StockPerformer/director [javascript protected email address]
SaponaraClaudioEACEAProject Officer[javascript protected email address]
SoynovaElena-student[javascript protected email address]
Stellato Claudio Claudio Stellato Artiste[javascript protected email address]
SuzukiAyastudentthe audience[javascript protected email address]
ThabetAliAli ThabetArtiste[javascript protected email address]
ThiboutotAndréanneAndréanne ThiboutotArtist[javascript protected email address]
TielensFilipDe StandaardJournalist [javascript protected email address]
TothNoraEuropean Commission (DG EAC)Trainee[javascript protected email address]
ToulyGladysVisit.brusselsResponsable de la coordination du projet[javascript protected email address]
Van de VeldeNicolasFederation de Wallonie-Bruxelles Head of the Promotion of Brussels[javascript protected email address]
van MaldeghemMarieEACEASecretary to EACEA Unit B1 Culture[javascript protected email address]
Van OverscheldeEmmanuelleLa Roseraie - Espace Cré-ActionDirectrtice[javascript protected email address]
Van SoomJonas30CCFestival Coordinator[javascript protected email address]
VanbosseleLienClownstudio Sven Verelstdramaturge[javascript protected email address]
Vanden HaezeveldeNoémieRéseau des Arts à Bruxelles (RAB)collaboratrice[javascript protected email address]
Vander StappenCristelLe BampDirector[javascript protected email address]
VandersteeneHanneGrensgevalcircusmaker[javascript protected email address]
VantournhoutAlexander Alexander VantournhoutArtiste[javascript protected email address]
VerestEllenTheater TolSales Manager[javascript protected email address]
VerhelstMaartenCircuscentrumCommunication manager[javascript protected email address]
VerkestCelineMiramiroArtistic director[javascript protected email address]
VermeylenRolandSalto Humano, Cirkus in Beweging en De Pisteceo, consultant/organizer and journalist[javascript protected email address]
VeronClaudeCircus nextmember of the board[javascript protected email address]
VranckenBernadetteArchipel 19directrice[javascript protected email address]
WautersVincentEcole de Cirque de BruxellesDirector[javascript protected email address]
ZwickJeromyHands some Feetartist[javascript protected email address]


RomanoAnnaANNA ROMANOArt director[javascript protected email address]


Gobin Xavier Phare Performing Social EnterpriseProducer[javascript protected email address]


GerritsenSue-EllenCanada Council for the ArtsProgram Officer[javascript protected email address]
LeclercAnnieTOHU/ Montréal Complètement CirqueCommunications and marketing manager[javascript protected email address]
RoyerAlexandra Barcode Circus CompanyArtiste[javascript protected email address]


MijatovićNikolaCirkoramaartistic director and programme coordinator[javascript protected email address]

Czech Republic

StefanovaVeronikaCIRQUEON - Centre for contemporary circusEditor In Chief - CIQUEON - circus online magazine[javascript protected email address]
AdolfovaBarboraCirqueonProject Coordinator[javascript protected email address]
Maršíková Šárka CIRQUEON Director [javascript protected email address]
OrcígrováEvaCIRQUEONeditor, project manager[javascript protected email address]
RygrovaMichaelaCirk La Putykaproduction manager[javascript protected email address]
VondrackovaAnnaLetni Letna festivalproduction[javascript protected email address]


KhattabNohaOuta hamraArtist[javascript protected email address]


GiuntaGiorgiaFekat Circus Co-Founder [javascript protected email address]


KamppilaSadeSade Kamppilacircus artist[javascript protected email address]
KopraTainaSorin Sirkus and CaravanDirector[javascript protected email address]
LehtipuuEviannaThe Finnish Youth Circus AssociationExecutive Director[javascript protected email address]
NevalainenLottaCircusInfo FinlandInternational Affairs Manager[javascript protected email address]
NioKalleWHS / Teatteri UnionDirector[javascript protected email address]
SunialaAnttiRace Horse CompanyProducer[javascript protected email address]
VauloLottaCircusInfo FinlandManaging director[javascript protected email address]


AbiadSabrinaJeunes Talents Cirque EuropeCorodination and production manager[javascript protected email address]
AgüeroNicoMy!Laika - Side Kunst Cirque - Cie. Delá Praká- Jetlag FestivalCharge de diffusion, production. Organiser/programer[javascript protected email address]
AlboresSoleneDuo CardioArtist[javascript protected email address]
AldayaClaireAkoreacroArtist [javascript protected email address]
AlemanEdwardCie El NucleoArtist[javascript protected email address]
ArangurenClaireCIRCacommunication officer[javascript protected email address]
ArdileyJuliaL'Entremiseproduction manager / booker[javascript protected email address]
BaqueLaureCIRCA AUCHGeneral Secretary[javascript protected email address]
BataillonMarieBaro d'eveldirectrice des productions[javascript protected email address]
BeauvieuxValiaCollectif sous le manteau / Sisters companyco-founder / Artist / Artistic director[javascript protected email address]
BenantiRaffaellala VilletteArtistic adviser - project manager[javascript protected email address]
BéronChloéCIAM - Centre International des Arts en MouvementDirector[javascript protected email address]
BertrandGuillaumeLa Compagnie du 13ème Quaidirecteur artistique[javascript protected email address]
BonnaireMarjoriePlus Petit Cirque du MondeResponsable de développement - pépinière Premiers Pas[javascript protected email address]
BordenaveJulieLa Scène30 rue Saint-Saëns 13001 Marseille[javascript protected email address]
Bory Aurélien COMPAGNIE 111Artistic Director[javascript protected email address]
BouchainPatrickPatrick Bouchain Architecte[javascript protected email address]
BourreauOlivierCridacompanyTour manager[javascript protected email address]
BurillonDorothéeARTCENACommunication director[javascript protected email address]
CadenatSylvieEspace PériphériqueCoordinator[javascript protected email address]
CadiouHélèneCirque-Théâtre D'ElbeufGeneral Secretary / International relations[javascript protected email address]
CaillatLaureCompagnie DefractoProduction Manager[javascript protected email address]
CarraraSimonArchaos, Pôle national cirque / Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque Marseille PACADirecteur adjoint[javascript protected email address]
CastagnoliEstelleCompagnie H.M.G.tour manager[javascript protected email address]
CavallinIsabelleCridacompanyAdministrator & prodcution[javascript protected email address]
CharruCamilleCIRCa pôle national des arts du cirqueAdministratrice de production / Programmatrice[javascript protected email address]
ClamagirandZéliaCirque RouagesTour Manager[javascript protected email address]
ColasBlandineL'Envolée Cirque / Compagnie Hors SurfaceProduction and tour manager[javascript protected email address]
CuninNadègeEcole de Cirque de Lyongeneral coordinator[javascript protected email address]
d'OtreppeHervéThéâtre des DomsConseiller artistique / Expert en diffusion[javascript protected email address]
Da CunhaIorhanneCompagnie L'un Passe11 rue des perrieres '49700 les ulmes[javascript protected email address]
DavidGwénolaARTCENADirector[javascript protected email address]
De AraujoDanielCIRCA AUCHDirecteur Technique[javascript protected email address]
De las CuevasAnahiCompagnie l'un Passe11 rue des perrieres, 49700 les ulmes[javascript protected email address]
DelageEmilieCIRCa Pôle Cirque Auch Gers OccitanieChargée de diffusion et de production[javascript protected email address]
DelalandeJessicaAY-ROOPChargée de Production[javascript protected email address]
DeleforgeCharlotteCirque RouagesChargée de production et diffusion[javascript protected email address]
DevysClémentAcadémie FratelliniRégisseur général adjoint Académie Fratellini[javascript protected email address]
Diaz VerbèkeMaroussiaLe troisième cirque / Circus RemixArtist[javascript protected email address]
DorissonMaïlysCompagnie AMA & En cirQuit ProductionChargée de production et diffusion[javascript protected email address]
EllingsworthJohnSideshowDirector[javascript protected email address]
FaudryCatherineInstitut françaisProject Leader for Performing Arts / Circus, Street Performing Arts and Puppetry[javascript protected email address]
FouillandMarcCIRCa, Pole National Cirque Auch Gers OccitanieDirecteur[javascript protected email address]
FrayAlexandreUn loup pour l'hommeartistic director[javascript protected email address]
GaryJenniferCIRCA AUCHSecretire technique et admin[javascript protected email address]
GaudierSimonL'incubateur ProductionProduction Manager[javascript protected email address]
GérardLauraCircostrada Network / ARTCENAInternational Communication Officer[javascript protected email address]
Gigosos RondaMiguelIknotoDirecteur artistique[javascript protected email address]
GilRodrigoIknotoCircus artist[javascript protected email address]
GimenezEleonoraProyecto Precipicioartiste and co-director of compagnie[javascript protected email address]
GioanCaroleCompagnie la fin des certitudesArtist[javascript protected email address]
GouletAurélienKERNELWEBWebbie[javascript protected email address]
GoussebaïleLaraMinistère de la cultureChargée de mission cirque et arts de la rue[javascript protected email address]
GrangerCamilleCie ScratchChargée de diffusion/production[javascript protected email address]
GranierLisonLes Nouveaux Nez & CieAdministratrice de production[javascript protected email address]
GuezennecLiseLa Brèche, Pôle national cirque de NormandieSecrétaire Générale[javascript protected email address]
GuezouElodieCompagnie AMAArtistic director[javascript protected email address]
GuibertGuillaumeCIRCaAttaché à l'information[javascript protected email address]
GuichardJonathancompagnie H.M.G.artist[javascript protected email address]
GuyJean-Michel guyjeanmichel@free.frIngenieur de recherche[javascript protected email address]
HardoinMargauxL'Eoliennechargée de diffusion et de communication[javascript protected email address]
HeddeMathieuCIRCA AUCHpublic relations officer[javascript protected email address]
HenryLouUn Loup pour l'Hommechargée de diffusion et communication[javascript protected email address]
HrirAbderVizuel ProdDirecteur[javascript protected email address]
HumbletJohanneLes filles du renard pâleArtiste[javascript protected email address]
JacquotLucie Company Retouramont Tour manager [javascript protected email address]
KapustaPatriciaLE PRATO Pôle National CirqueSecrétaire Générale[javascript protected email address]
KechagioglouEleftériosEleftérios KechagioglouDirector[javascript protected email address]
LabordeFloraUn Loup pour l'Hommeintern[javascript protected email address]
LatarjetBernardONDAPrésident [javascript protected email address]
LegrainSandrineLe Mille Lieuxcoordinator[javascript protected email address]
Leroux ClaireSequenza 9.3Sequenza 9.3[javascript protected email address]
LhommeauSébastienLes Colporteurschargé de production[javascript protected email address]
LinderCorinneFheel Conceptsdirectrice artistique/ artiste de cirque[javascript protected email address]
LoiratJustineAY-ROOPChargée de production[javascript protected email address]
LouwetAudreyCompagnie Azeïnartistic director[javascript protected email address]
MaertenCarolineUn Loup pour l'HommeAdministrative Manager[javascript protected email address]
ManuelSylvianePôle Cirque La Verrerie d'AlesDirection[javascript protected email address]
MarchandMarionCircostrada Network / ARTCENA International Coordination Officer[javascript protected email address]
MarcosJean-PierreARTCENAPresident of ARTCENA[javascript protected email address]
MarcosJean-PierreARTCENA - Centre national des arts du cirque, de la rue et du théâtre President of ARTCENA[javascript protected email address]
MartinetGuillaumeCompagnie DefractoArtist[javascript protected email address]
MatthieuPierrardFuries Chargé de Développement[javascript protected email address]
MégardSarahENACRResponsable des relations publiques[javascript protected email address]
MeneghelloSarahLes Trois CoupsJournaliste[javascript protected email address]
MercierOphélie Caravan International Youth and Social Circus NetworkDevelopment Manager[javascript protected email address]
MétailiéHélèneLa GrainerieEuropean project manager[javascript protected email address]
MichalskiElodieCie jusqu'ici tout va bien Chargee de production et diffusion [javascript protected email address]
MichelisDavidCollectif Petit TraversDirecteur de production[javascript protected email address]
MoreigneMarcin my proper name. Former member of "Hors les Murs"Chercheur / Critique / Ecrivain[javascript protected email address]
NafarrateAlexandraLa fabrique itinéranteChargée de mission[javascript protected email address]
NatachaFantiniCIRCA AUCHCommunication Officer[javascript protected email address]
Neira NovoaAlvaroCirque Pardi!Production[javascript protected email address]
NysAlexisAnimaktcoordinator[javascript protected email address]
PageJeromePlaine CommuneCity planner[javascript protected email address]
PageJérômePlaine CommuneURBAN PLANNER [javascript protected email address]
PayeEricMauvais CotonProducer[javascript protected email address]
PencenatCorineUniversité de StrasbourgMaître de conférences[javascript protected email address]
PerrotElsaCompagnie l'un passe11 rue des perrieres 49700 les ulmes[javascript protected email address]
PetitLauraCollectif clowns d'ailleurs et d'iciAdministrator[javascript protected email address]
PezzuttiFannyL' Avant Courriertour manager[javascript protected email address]
PiolineLionelENACRDirector[javascript protected email address]
PlancheJéromeASINproduction manager[javascript protected email address]
PlanckaertEstelleLe Rire SoleilArtist[javascript protected email address]
PoncetCorentineCompagnie LunaticAdministrator[javascript protected email address]
PrevostJean Luc International federation of artistic arts in public spaces: IFAPSArtistic Director of les Goulus, Administrator of street theatre national federation, Ile de france federation, international fe[javascript protected email address]
ProvôtCécileJeunes Talents Cirque Europe / CircusNextDirector[javascript protected email address]
PykaJean-Francoisjean-francois pykaResponsable de Production/diffusion[javascript protected email address]
RadigueMathieuLe monde des Barons PerchésDirecteur artistique et technique [javascript protected email address]
RavotClémentCIRCA AUCHRégisseur Principal[javascript protected email address]
RenaudThomasMaison des JonglagesDirector[javascript protected email address]
RosembergJulienCirque Jules Verne - Pôle national cirque et arts de la rue - AmiensGeneral management[javascript protected email address]
RouxMarie OdileLa CascadeSecrétaire générale[javascript protected email address]
RozesTiphaineCIRCA AUCHChargée de Billetterie[javascript protected email address]
SaintemarieLaurélineFAI-AR European training centre for artistic creation in public spaceContinuing education coordinator[javascript protected email address]
SakaelMarie-LaurenceStudio-PACT Lido-GrainerieCoordinatrice[javascript protected email address]
SauvageSylvieEmile Sabord ProductionDirectrice[javascript protected email address]
SchliengerPhilippeCREA // MOMIXDirector[javascript protected email address]
Segreto-AguilarStéphaneCircostrada Network / ARTCENACircostrada Network Coordinator[javascript protected email address]
SeguinJulietteCircostradaAssistant Circostrada[javascript protected email address]
SimonJuliacircus i love youproducer[javascript protected email address]
StéphanieBrunCIRCA AUCHAdministratice[javascript protected email address]
SwartvagherJohanCollectif ProtocoleCo-directeur[javascript protected email address]
TaillardAlainFédération Française des Ecoles de CirqueDirecteur [javascript protected email address]
TalvaCamilleCompagnie Defractoproduction manager[javascript protected email address]
ThomasCyrilCNAC-Centre national des arts du cirque Responsable recherche et développement du Cnac [javascript protected email address]
ThomassonJacquesJacques ThomassonDirecteur de Production[javascript protected email address]
TortelMaëlCirque Pardi!Artiste et Directeur[javascript protected email address]
TournierAnoukCirque de bruxellesSchaerbeek [javascript protected email address]
VeronClaudeCircus nextnember board[javascript protected email address]
VinetJeanfree lanceDirector[javascript protected email address]
WagnerMarikIndependant Clows Sans FrontièresProject Manager[javascript protected email address]
WeiLiangUniversité Paul-Valéry-MontpellierPhD. Student[javascript protected email address]
WilleAizelineLes Objets VolantsProduction Administrator[javascript protected email address]
WionCharlotteFheel ConceptsChargée de production[javascript protected email address]
YouLouise-Michèlel'Avant Courrierproducer/tour manager[javascript protected email address]
Zuckerman Emily L'oubliéeCircus artist[javascript protected email address]
ZuninoCamilleCamille ZuninoTour Manager [javascript protected email address]


ClassenUteUte Classen Kulturmanagementproducer, manager, distributor[javascript protected email address]
HennAlexandraChamäleon Productions GmbHProject Manager & Assistant to the Managing Director[javascript protected email address]
HilligerJohannesBerlin Circus Festival / Haus der Berliner FestspieleDirector [javascript protected email address]
KoelbelJosaBerlin Circus Festival / Berliner FestspieleArtistic director / Curator[javascript protected email address]
KurmannSophiaPerform Your ArtFounder[javascript protected email address]
LippekTobiasASH BerlinLecturer[javascript protected email address]
MattenklottMiaFreelancerCircus Performer[javascript protected email address]
RiegerMarinaMarina Riegercircus performer and producer[javascript protected email address]
SchlotzhauerSebastianCirque du PlatzakArtist[javascript protected email address]
SingStefanStefan SingJuggler[javascript protected email address]
WörlMarkusTollwood FestivalHead of theatre program[javascript protected email address]


EstdahlAnnaKi Omos KineitaiProducer[javascript protected email address]


HakimZiadSziget FestivalProgram Coordinator[javascript protected email address]
HodiCsillaJé Játék/Cirkuszfree lancer circus educator[javascript protected email address]
KollányiJuliannaHungarian Juggling Associationsecretary Hungarian Juggling Association, artist Firebirds[javascript protected email address]
MezoAndrasFirebirds, O.Z.O.R.A. festivalManager, artistic director, performer[javascript protected email address]
MolnarAdamOzora Festivalchief press coordinator[javascript protected email address]


GormanKathWallonia-Brussels Theater DanceHead of Participation and Engagement[javascript protected email address]
HokkanenUllaGalway Community CircusDirector[javascript protected email address]


AcerbiMarcoCirque of Life srlsCEO[javascript protected email address]
AdorniLeonardoFestival Tutti Matti per Colornoartistic director[javascript protected email address]
BaroneValentinaKolektiv Lapso Cirk producer [javascript protected email address]
BessoneIlariaAltroCircoresearcher[javascript protected email address]
ChevenierMarcoTIDA Théatre Danse CieDirector / Choreographer [javascript protected email address]
Fabrizio de RitisRaffaele0039 085 4517960director / historian[javascript protected email address]
Gavosto Fabrizio Festival Mirabilia Artistic Director[javascript protected email address]
GilliStefaniaFunambolika - Festival Internazionale del Nuovo CircoSocial media manager[javascript protected email address]
GuiducciMaria GiuliaTutti Matti per ColornoCommunication Officer[javascript protected email address]
MalerbaFilippo AlbericoQuattrox4Artistic director and artist[javascript protected email address]
NegriTommasoAltroCircoDirector of AltroCirco[javascript protected email address]
RodriguezVeronica-Student[javascript protected email address]
RossomandoAdolfoAss. Giocolieri e Dintorni / Juggling Magazineproject manager[javascript protected email address]
SerinaMaraC.L.A.P.SpettacolodalvivoProject Manager[javascript protected email address]
TibaldiValentinaFondazione Piemonte dal VivoResponsible for artistic residencies[javascript protected email address]
TosoFedericoFNAS - Federazione Nazionale Arti in StradaDirector[javascript protected email address]
VaclavekTomasKolektiv Lapso CirkArtist[javascript protected email address]
Vecchio Boris associazione culturale sarabandaArtistic direstor [javascript protected email address]


AokiNaoyaJuggling Magazine PONTEChief Editor[javascript protected email address]
TanakaMichikoSetouchi Circus FactoryDIRECTOR[javascript protected email address]
WatanabeHisashiAtama to KuchiArtist[javascript protected email address]
YunokiYasuhiroShizuoka city culture and creative industries promotion centerdirector[javascript protected email address]


BeinareZaneMinistry of Culture of LatviaSenior desk Offcier of the Arts Policy Division[javascript protected email address]
PavulaMaraMara PavulaRiga Circus School director[javascript protected email address]


BaranauskaiteMarijaNew circus association of LithuaniaArtist[javascript protected email address]
KolinyteMigleArts Printing HousePR and marketing manager[javascript protected email address]
KosovecKonstantinTaigi Cirkas Artist/Project manager[javascript protected email address]
MasteikaiteGintareArts Printing Housefestival coordinator[javascript protected email address]
NechiporenkoElenaTaigi CirkasArtistic director[javascript protected email address]
PetrašiunaiteIrmaCulture NightProject manager[javascript protected email address]


AlvarezOhtocaniindependent artistArtist[javascript protected email address]
CañasCarolinaDouble Take, Curioso CircoCircus artist, teacher[javascript protected email address]
HernandezRodrigoDokucircoCoordinator[javascript protected email address]
Peláez GonzálezAndreaCirko De Mente, DokucircoCo-Director Dokucirco[javascript protected email address]


ElihtirassiYassineColokolo Cirque Urbain MarocainAdministrateur, production et diffusion[javascript protected email address]
HaoutarBadreddinecolokolo ciraue urbainartiste de cirque[javascript protected email address]
SannierElodiecompagnie COLOKOLOAccompagnement [javascript protected email address]


NorteSilviaCircoTeatro CarapauCo-founder of CircoTeatro Carapau[javascript protected email address]


BoonRosaTENT circustheater productiesceo[javascript protected email address]
DaemsJanCodarts Circus ArtsHead of Codarts Circus Arts[javascript protected email address]
de BontAnjofestival Deventer Op Steltenartistic director[javascript protected email address]
Eysink SmeetsMarcFestival Circolodirector[javascript protected email address]
GrellierMargot HH Productiesemployee[javascript protected email address]
HeyeHuubHH Productiesco-director[javascript protected email address]
LuyckxFemkeOriginally Fakeperformer / artistic director[javascript protected email address]
MetinCahit TENT circustheater productiesceo[javascript protected email address]
MulderBoCircusstad FestivalIntern[javascript protected email address]
RuiterTanjaHH Productiesco-director[javascript protected email address]
van LangenMaaike Rotterdam CircusstadArtistic director[javascript protected email address]


DevlieghereJessika Palestinian Circus SchoolArtistic Director[javascript protected email address]


AlmirezLoreleiKampo Kalye Arts Organizer[javascript protected email address]


BerkeleyCláudiaTeatro da DidascáliaDirector / Programmer[javascript protected email address]
CostaBrunoBússolaCodirector[javascript protected email address]
FerreiraGilSanta Maria da Feira Municipality City Councilman for Culture and Executive Director of Imaginarius [javascript protected email address]
MartinsJoanaCoração nas Mãosartist[javascript protected email address]
MoraesAnaIdeias Peregrinas/CircrioloProject director[javascript protected email address]
Ribeiro dos SantosRaquelCulturgestProgrammer[javascript protected email address]
VilarDanielBússolaCodirector[javascript protected email address]


SiomichevaElizavetaUpsala-CircusProducer, PR&Communications manager[javascript protected email address]


SimonikRichardfreelancerperformer[javascript protected email address]

South Africa

Batista do RegoJoseZip Zap Circus SchoolAmbassador to the Zip Zap Circus School [javascript protected email address]


Bautista BatlloriAmeliacompanyia PSIRCDistribution[javascript protected email address]
Campabadal EsterCatalanArts / Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies / Catalan GovernmentProject Manager[javascript protected email address]
CarranzaTeresa Institut Ramon LLull Circus and tehater coordinator of the Institut Ramon Llull[javascript protected email address]
CastrilloAnaescuela de circo social de zaragozaGestion culturel[javascript protected email address]
ColellRosaFestival CAU and Association of Circus of AndalusiaArtistic Director and manager[javascript protected email address]
de Nova de la FuenteOscarCollectif PrimavezBruxelles[javascript protected email address]
DelgadoInésZirkozaurreManager[javascript protected email address]
DominguezIsaacFES+CHAPEAUDIRECTOR ARTÍSTICO[javascript protected email address]
DucaDulceDULCE DUCAArtist Director[javascript protected email address]
FalcoNèlidaCatalan Institute for the Cultural Companies (ICEC)Director of Scenic Arts Area (ICEC)[javascript protected email address]
Falcó FaydellaNèlidaCatalan Institute for the Cultural Companies Director of Performing Arts Department[javascript protected email address]
FolgueraMariaTeatro Circo PricePresenter[javascript protected email address]
GauthierHuguesD'ClickArtist[javascript protected email address]
GorzerinoNiniLa Central del CircProjects manager[javascript protected email address]
Hermosa Melgar Ione La Central del Circ Manager [javascript protected email address]
Hinojo RojasLídiaFIRA MEDITERRÀNIA DE MANRESAExecutive Manager[javascript protected email address]
LlorcaVicentezirkólikaDirector and Publisher of Spanish Circus Magazine "zirkólika"[javascript protected email address]
LondoñoCristianCafé de las Artes TeatroCodirector[javascript protected email address]
LostalEduardoAlodeyá Circus & Dance CompanyCircus Artist / Production[javascript protected email address]
MarreMatiasAtempo CircPerformer and circus director at Atempo Circ.[javascript protected email address]
MascarellAdriaCia. PakiPayaartiste[javascript protected email address]
Matas Clara TRAPEZI, la Fira del Circ de CatalunyaCoordination Professional Area[javascript protected email address]
Mora LorenteDanielaLurrak Antzerkia SLInternational Manager[javascript protected email address]
Raybaut-PérèsAnSóAgente129Agente129 associate[javascript protected email address]
RibotMarilénAtempo CircCircus artist and director at Atempo Circ[javascript protected email address]
SalesAnaDULCE DUCAManager[javascript protected email address]
TorresJohnnyLa Central del CircArtistic director[javascript protected email address]


BriliothsMargaretaSwedish Arts CouncilDesk Officer - Senior Advisor[javascript protected email address]
B. FrankLina Baltic Nordic Circus Network c/o Manegen Network Coordinator[javascript protected email address]
BeijerLindaManegenChair, President[javascript protected email address]
Christensen LuotsinenMonicaSwedish Arts CouncilAdministrative Agent - Performing Arts, Dance[javascript protected email address]
HemmingIngelaManegenDirector[javascript protected email address]
KjällquistIdaSubtopiaProducer[javascript protected email address]
KloumanMetteCirkus CirkörInternational relations manager[javascript protected email address]
LjungqvistAnna Cirkus CirkörHead of Production[javascript protected email address]
MuukkonenKikiSubtopia/SubcaseArtistic director[javascript protected email address]
nilssonAnnaPetri Dishco-artistic director Petri Dish[javascript protected email address]
NormanClaraCirkus CirkörManager Pedagogy and Training[javascript protected email address]
RobinJonasCirkus CirkörInternational relations Manager[javascript protected email address]
WrangeAnn-MarieDans (Danstidningen)editor[javascript protected email address]


AmmannFelizitasPro HelvetiaHead of Dance sector [javascript protected email address]
BinettiZoëZizi Transistor's Side Showperforming artist[javascript protected email address]
Dimitri David David Dimitri Artist / Producer[javascript protected email address]
Konig-BeattyMarisa BEAMCultural Entrepreneuse, Producer[javascript protected email address]
MalaguerraLorenzoThéâtre du CrochetanDirector[javascript protected email address]
MüllerRomancirqu'Aarauartistiv director festival cirqu'[javascript protected email address]
OlgiatiLauracirqu'AarauProducer[javascript protected email address]
SimiliSarahCie Courant d'Cirque / ProCirqueArtistic Director / Committee Member[javascript protected email address]


ChangGwen Hsin-YiNational Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)Head of International Partnerships[javascript protected email address]
ChiangYulunHsingho Co., Ltd.Co-funder[javascript protected email address]


BelgacemOuafaCulture Funding WatchFounder and CEO[javascript protected email address]

United Kingdom

AmedumeVictoriaUpswingArtistic Director[javascript protected email address]
BeaumierCamilleNoFit State CircusCreative Producer[javascript protected email address]
BeaumierCamille No Fit StateCreative Producer [javascript protected email address]
Calaf SeveMaxMax Calaf SevéArtist [javascript protected email address]
ClareRachelCrying Out LoudArtistic Director[javascript protected email address]
CornwallVerenaCircus Futures UK & ROIExecutive Director[javascript protected email address]
Friend Jacqueline Crying Out LoudMarketing and Audience Development Manager[javascript protected email address]
GandiniSeanGandini JugglingJUGGLER DIRECTOR[javascript protected email address]
GardnerLynThe Guardian/The StageTheatre writer[javascript protected email address]
KavanaghKateThe Circus DiariesWriter[javascript protected email address]
LumsdenJaineCreative ScotlandTheatre Officer[javascript protected email address]
LyttleCliveArts Council England Senior Manager - Engagement and Audiences[javascript protected email address]
MackintoshJoeSeaChange ArtsDirector[javascript protected email address]
MunnZoeIndependant/Green Man FestivalProducer[javascript protected email address]
PrinAnne-AgatheAnne-Agathe PrinFrench Manger[javascript protected email address]
Prin-WaerenburghAnne-AgatheGandini JugglingFrench Manager[javascript protected email address]
SimpsonFelicityCircolombiaDIRECTOR[javascript protected email address]
WilliamsAli Ali Williams Productions ( AWP)Creative Outdoor Producer[javascript protected email address]

United States

CampbellKim CampbellCircus TalkEditor[javascript protected email address]
WallDuncanN/AAuthor, The Ordinary Acrobat[javascript protected email address]


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© J. Van Belle – WBI


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